If you were born to blaze trails and impact the world in a major way, Bold & Courageous was designed just for you. It shows you just how powerful you really are when you dig deep within to address all you’ve been through - the good, the bad, and the ugly. If you’re tired of your past holding you back or you’re ready to shift into living your best years yet, it’s time for you to be the Bold & Courageous version of yourself.

Bold & Courageous

About Candace Junée

Named top social media expert by Later Media, Candace Junée is an award-winning digital marketing & automation strategist who has helped over 2,500 business owners increase their visibility, attract paying clients, and make consistent sales through social media via her Learn, Market, Grow Digital Academy. She is also the founder of Epic Fab Girl, a community that has helped over 8,000 Black Christian Women entrepreneurs build profitable brands through the Go-Getter Conferences, membership & podcast. Her features and clients include Glamour Magazine, Essence Magazine, Smartwater, Coca-Cola, xoNecole, Rolling Out Magazine, BlogHer, the Obama Foundation, ManyChat, the NAACP, Thinkific, Industrious, SamCart, Fabletics, Marriott, and more. Candace Junée is a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated and a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA with a focus on Marketing & Accounting. Candace Junée is a unique display of God’s love and ability to create beauty even from the darkest moments of life.


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    "Candace was so vulnerable in this book. I like how she now sees things from a point of victory & not defeat. This book will help anyone fight the good fight of faith. Her faith & trust in God is amiable. This book taught me that everyone goes through stuff that are not so pleasant but we find purpose in it."


    "You will laugh, be on the edge of tears, be challenged to think deeply about your own mindsets or trauma lens, and be encouraged to heal, along the journey. I am leaving this book feeling inspired, in awe, and feel a fresh call to courage in owning my process and journey as well!" 
    IMAN C.

    "It is a very easy read, full of biblical truths and experiential wisdom from someone who has lived the life she wrote about. It is conversational, humorous, honest and vulnerable and has the potential to change the lives of readers who are willing to be honest with themselves and do the work."