You deserve to be fully confident in your expertise and stand firm on your premium prices. You deserve consistent clients and ones that understand your value and are willing to pay for it. You deserve to consistently market your business effectively to reach your sales goals. You deserve to build the 6-Figure business you've always dreamed of.

You're Already An Expert. Step Into Your Brilliance And Get Paid Like One.

The key to scaling your services to six-figures is creating & marketing an irresistible signature offer that gives your clients life-changing transformations.

here's a little secret

"I booked 2 clients totaling $25K within 2 days of my VIP Day with Candace"
- Annjela N.

"I made $28K within 2 months of enrolling in the 6-Figure Marketing Maven program!" 
- Krystal P.

“I launched a $25K program after working with Candace!”
- Erica W.

"I closed $13,500 in one week. Honestly, it feels effortless!"
- Deja C.

"I launched my first conference and made 4-figures"
- Natalia

"I was able to turn my passion into a profitable business."
- Michaela

CLIENT success stories

this could be you

Chances are you've searched the internet for answers. You've watched countless webinars, read several blogs, made attempts at sales funnels but still haven't been able to consistently generate $10K/mo.
Once you apply the 6-Figure Marketing Maven Method to your business, you'll be able to seamlessly attract high-paying clients, execute effective marketing campaigns, and generate six-figures in your business.

Attract Dream Clients

I created the 6-Figure Marketing Maven program for women like you who want to close high-paying clients with confidence and build 6-Figure businesses so you can live the life you truly deserve.

The 6-Figure Marketing Maven program is a 3 to 12-Month Program that starts with a personal VIP day helping you identify how to take your idea and position yourself to make 6-figures. We walk through step by step of what you should do to get clients, post on social media, how to market, and how to seamlessly get paid. Then for the following 3-12 months, we meet in an intimate group setting or one-on-one to hold you accountable to your goals, help you implement effective marketing strategies, and help you consistently make $10K+ months. I’m there to answer any questions to push you forward.

The 6-Figure Marketing Maven Program

If you accept the invitation to join the program, you will complete a contract & payment. Pricing starts at $5,000 for group coaching and goes up to $30K (for private consulting). We have payment plans available that range from $997 to $1,700/mo for group coaching. We also have payment plans for $330/mo or less if you have a 620+ credit score and have proof of income of $35K+ a year. 


On the Marketing Strategy Consultation call, if I believe you're a good fit for one of my programs, I'll invite you to join the program. We can get started immediately with the next steps from there.


If you're qualified for the program, my team will reach out to you to schedule a free 6-Figure Marketing Strategy consultation. The purpose of this call is to determine if you're a good fit for the program. On the call, I'll ask lots of questions to see what's going on in your business. You'll walk away with a 6-Figure Marketing Strategy you can use even if you decide not to work with me. 


There's an application process to see if you qualify for the program because I'm only interested in working with women who I know I can help get results. Apply to work with me by completing the application, and my team will get back to you to let you know if you qualify.

step 1: application

Take a look at the application process that will help you understand if working with me is a good fit for you at this time!

the application process: how to apply

Once you join the 6-Figure Marketing Maven Program you'll get access to marketing tools, templates, scripts, downloads, and several other resources to help you execute your 6-Figure Marketing Strategy. These marketing resources include email marketing scripts, pitch templates, webinar scripts, social media post ideas & captions, and more.



After your Private VIP Day, you'll get access to me weekly or bi-weekly in a 1:1 or intimate setting depending on the level of support you need to grow your business. You'll get access to a private community and ongoing support is available so that you can get your marketing strategy questions answered on-demand when you need help.



The 6-Figure Marketing Maven VIP Day is a 4-Hour session aimed at helping you get strategies you can implement immediately. We will walk through how to reposition your business for 4 to 5-figure clients, refine your marketing messaging, revamp your services and pricing, and outline a marketing & sales strategy tailored to your business with a goal to generate $10K+/mo.

Private 1:1 VIP DAY


What You'll Receive in this Program


"60-Day Results: I closed $5K a month for 2 months for one project! My favorite part was the VIP Day where we walked through mapping out and pricing my 6-Figure offer. Candace was able to help me put words to the value that I bring my clients. I also love the added layer of accountability I've received from working with Candace - that has been really valuable."

"I closed a $15,000 contract the same day of my VIP Session with Candace. I closed another $10K one the next morning! I used exactly what Candace told me to do, and it really worked!"

"I made $16K in one month with only 1K Instagram followers! My favorite part about working with Candace was that she was able to look at my business, and help me with every single process! From strategies to gaining new clients, to my sales calls, to the details of my offer! I am blown away! Since joining Marketing Maven I have earned over $47,000 within 3 Months!"




- You are a product-based or retail business owner
- You are not willing to financially invest in marketing       tools to grow your business
- You are not willing to invest in yourself
- You run a multi-level marketing business
- You are not 100% certain that you desire to invest in       working with me
- You have no desire to charge premium prices 

this program is not for you if:

- You are a faith-based business owner who desires to     make $10K/mo in your business with your services
- You are an entrepreneur who has clients who love          you & you have gotten results for your client
- You're a service-based entrepreneur (If you don't sell      products, you're service-based)
- You are willing to put in work to see the results you       desire in your business

this program is for you if:

All of my programs are tailored so that you get long-term support as you implement the strategies I teach. While it is possible to work with me 1:1 for a program, I do not offer one-off consulting sessions. You will have to enroll in one of my programs to get access to private 1:1 consultations.

I am interested in just one private consultation. Am I able to work with Candace 1:1 for a consultation?

I have officially been an entrepreneur since 2011. I have been a full-time entrepreneur since 2017.


I have a Master of Business Administration with concentrations in marketing & accounting from Washington University in St. Louis. I have professional training in Product Management which focuses on helping you develop a product concept, validate a concept, create a solution-focused product and launch it profitably.

What professional business education do you have?

There are payment plans available for each of my programs. Space is limited in each of my programs, so in order to save your spot you must pay an initial deposit otherwise your spot may be given away.

are there payment plans available?

Some of my clients see results the same day with working with me and others see results within weeks or months. My programs are designed to help you implement the strategies to get the results you're looking for. How quickly you will see results depends on various factors including how quickly you can implement the strategies, tools, and processes to support your 6-Figure Business.


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